Car Care and Maintenance During the Coronavirus Pandemic

No one has really settled in during this global pandemic. We haven’t gotten used to the monotony of home isolation. Least not the extroverts amongst us, you know who you are!
While some of us are finding excuses to leave our homes to get groceries others are forced to do so to keep the economy running. We solute those who are!
For those of us who need to leave the house for errands we’re finding that some of these errands include car maintenance.
A few maintenance issues can be fixed at home while others will need a specialized service company to do so.

According to this article at Consumer Reports, there are many things you could do yourself “But if you have repairs or maintenance that cannot be postponed, the suggestions and tips below can help you keep your car running and yourself safe.”

Check out the rest of the article:

We would like to add that Quaiq is an essential app during these tough times. You could find dozens of offers without the need to leave your couch, which is exactly what’s needed during social distancing.
Quaiq is a free service that put you in touch with dozens of vehicle service companies in your area with just the touch of a button. Just download Quaiq, register for free and you’re good to go.

You can’t believe how easy it is!

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