I'm a Vehicle Owner

We are a Vehicle Service Company


  • Maintaining your car is stressful.
  • Where do you go?
  • Who you can trust?
  • What does the light in my dashboard mean?
  • Where is that smell coming from?
  • What should I do if I have an accident?
  • With Quaiq it is easy! Just install, register for free, post your request  and choose the best price from hundreds of Service Companies bidding to serve you.
  • With Quaiq you get FREE access to hundreds of vehicle service companies in your area.
  • Having more options means getting better deals.
  • Getting your vehicle serviced with Quaiq is easy:
  1. Download and register with Quaiq.
  2. Choose the service from the main page or click the “More Services” icon for more options.
  3. Alternatively, you could type in the search bar.
  4. Write down your notes for the service companies to see.
  5. Add some pictures, video or audio from “Choose Media” because sometimes we just can’t explain the issue, but a picture does! Click “Next”.
  6. Choose your location. This allows Quaiq to search for services in your area, near your home or work. Click “Post”.
  7. That’s it! You’ll find your Bid Request under the “Active Bids” tab.
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Refer your friends and get rewarded!

Click on the bottom left menu, choose “Referral” and send your referral code to all your friends. You could collect QPs which you can use (in the future) to get better deals with Quaiq (QPs, or Quaiq Points, will show up in your account once your friends go through a complete service with Quaiq)