When vehicles are damaged in an accident or get scratched they are taken to a body repair shop. An auto body repairer can repair most damages from everyday vehicle collisions and make vehicles look and drive like new. Damage could also be minor, like replacing a cracked windshield, or major, like replacing a whole door panel.

They do the following tasks while working on your car:

  • Review damage reports, prepare cost estimates and plan work
  • Remove damaged body parts, including bumpers, fenders, hoods, grilles, and trim
  • Realign car frames and chassis to repair structural damage
  • Hammer out or patch dents, dimples, and other minor body damage
  • Fit, attach and weld replacement parts into place
  • Apply new finish to restored body parts

If you have damaged your vehicle and put a claim in, then you would take the vehicle to a body shop which the insurance company can recommend to you.

Now if it is a minor repair, then you should take it a body shop with a good reputation of work and specialize in that brand if possible. Now they may indicate that the damaged parts and it might affect your resale value. You can consult with the auto body repair shop and they can tell you their steps, also if they void any factory warranty make sure you get a receipt showing the repairs and if they are responsible you can hold them to their legal responsibility.

Repair technicians use many tools for their work. To remove damaged parts, like bumpers and door panels, they use pneumatic tools, metal-cutting guns, and plasma cutters. For major structural repairs, such as aligning the body, they often use heavy-duty hydraulic jacks and hammers. For some work, they use common hand tools, like metal files, pliers, wrenches, hammers, and screwdrivers.

In some cases, repair technicians do a whole job by themselves. In other cases, especially in large shops, they use a production-line approach during which they work as a team with each repair technician specializing.

Different type of car scratches

  • Clear-coat scratch

As we all know that there is a very thin layer of clear coat that protects the car paint from environmental issues like direct exposure of sunlight dust etc. the scratches appear in this layer is called clear-coat scratch and Removal of car scratches from the clear coat layer is the easiest task.

  • Primer scratch

It is the second layer coat inside the first coat If car scratches cut through the clear coat layer and exposed to primer coating and at that level of damage, the body paint will ruin and there will be a slight chance of rusting if protective measures not taken on time.

  • Paint scratch

This type of scratch makes your car looks too bad. In this type, the two layers and the paint coating will get damage. These types of damages are treated by professionals.

Painting the scratch

If you have gone through the paint into the primer, then you may still be able to buff the mark out if the scratch is very fine but it’s a bigger scratch you’ll need to apply color as well and then clear coat using very fine wet and dry to sand the finish between layers. You can do this at home as well, but at the cost of a lot of time and effort, and in amateur hands it’s not always totally successful on metallic finishes especially.

Once you are into the metal you need to sand, prime, sand, and respray and color coat. There is nothing to stop you doing this at home if you have somewhere to work and the right tools but there’s definitely a bit of a learning curve involved.

There are specialist mobile paint repair guys who can provide low-pressure paint touch up at quite a reasonable cost through the quality can be something of a variable – it will never be quite as good as a proper body shop job. For one-off job on a couple of small areas, they are much cheaper than using a body shop or buying and learning to use your own spray rig, but if you are simply looking to titivate your daily driver or prep a car prior to a sale then this might be worth considering.

It all depends on what the scratch is. If you can see bare metal under it, it can’t just be buffed out you need to put paint on it. In these cases there are two options:

  • Go to an auto parts shop and buy scratch repair paint that matches the color of your car. The paint will be in a little pen and your car brand and paint color on it. ( Color in one brand of the car may not be the same as the color in another brand.) Once you get this, follow the direction on the paint and you’ll be good to go. If you want to make it look even better you can buff it.
  • Getting a body shop to fix it will be the best, but sometimes it is an expensive option but it will be fixed so you can never tell it happened.

If it’s not a deep scratch and just a scuff it can possibly be buffed out.

 Buffing paint on a car is not something to just go out and try after reading this, you need to do research and watch videos on it because if not careful you could make a bigger mess than just a scratch. Too much buffing could also buff threw the paint.

In a modern paint job and in order of severity here are scratches that simply affect the clear coat, scratches that get down into the primer, and scratches that get down into the metal.

If it’s the clear coat and very limited in extent, it will often buff right out and lots of polish and wax will take care of the visible scratch; if it’s a wider scratch or scuff rather than a fine linear scratch you may need to reapply the clear coat in that area; that’s something you can do at home but it is very time-consuming, to get the finish to match. If you are in a store for car accessories, paint selection is also a good criterion.

Quaiq body shop

Car maintenance and repair is the primary priority of any car owners. Choosing the best body shop is the first step if you are going for repairing a scratch. Quaiq offers all solutions for car repair and fixing that paint scratch is easy with Quaiq. With the Quaiq experts, your car looks like new. Quaiq has all modern equipment by this you will get quick solutions for your problems. After that it will look like new and you won’t be able to find where the scratch was.

There is no replacement for professional denting painting work. Getting your car scratch removed by denting painting experts like Quaiq will guarantee perfect-showroom-finish results.  The professional starts by washing the car thoroughly to remove any contaminants and debris. Using sandpaper after that the professional removes excess paints from the area and until the core of the scratch is seen. After that, the repainting work gets started. You will get your car as you get it from the showroom.


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