The most important and perishable components of the cars are its tires, which are usually not taken care of. Besides keeping the car neat and clean from outside, it is also important that you look after for the tire air pressure. Wheel balancing is one of the most important parts for a vehicle. Here we have mentioned some of the signs that will help you understand that it’s time to replace your tires.

  • If you find any damage caused by a nail or any other object which has lodged in the tire and is close to the sidewall, then you need to replace the tires.
  • Changing of tires also depends upon other factors, like changing of climatic conditions, driving habits, condition of the roads, and many other factors.   

You can judge the lifespan of your tires in several different ways.

  • Performance: Are they hydroplaning in situations where they performed well in the past? 
  • Mileage: Tires come with a warranty that generally tells you how long they will last under normal circumstances.
  • Wear bars: If they are even with the tread, you need new tires. 

As the main component that your car drives on, tires are more important than we think. Getting a good set for the road is still only a good start. A few hundred miles later, even the best of tires start to gradually wear off, affecting the performance and safety of the car. Often tires are both the most overlooked and single most important component of any ride. As the final gear between your car and the road, all the force of your acceleration, braking power, and torque from turning must be transmitted through your tires before moving your car even an inch. Even if you have the most powerful car in the world, it means nothing unless you have the proper tires. When you are going for your car maintenance and repair you should focus on all these things.


              In modern techniques tire changing machine is used for tire changing. This machine is used for tire removing and fitting on rim of wheel. In this machine wheel is clamped on the mounting base and the wheel rim is tightly fixed on the mounting wheel. This tire removing and fitting machine used to help tire technicians dismount and mount tires of automobile wheels. After the wheel and tire assembly are removed from the automobile, the tire changer has all the components necessary to remove and replace the tire from the wheel. This machine allows technicians to replace tires on automobiles, motorcycles and heavy-duty vehicles. The very regular tire changer process is manually tire changer may involve high work force to remove tire from heavy wheels or tires. It also involves bending, reaching and twisting. This can cause muscle injuries to the shoulder, lower back, wrist and knees. Injuries can occur suddenly or gradually over time. Some other major factors that are taken into consideration while doing these things are as follows. Cost of powered tire removing and fitting machine is much higher as compared to traditional manual tire removing and fitting process. Removing or fitting of tire on rim of wheel by manual is very effort full process and time consuming. Some time, hand tool which is used for removing the tire from rim of wheel may damage the tube and tire of wheel due to improper handling. Manual removal and fitting of tire on rim wheel require very skilled and experienced operator.


It was once, if you’d an auto, your tires included a rubber “inner tube” that has been inflated to present the tire the shape and also weight transporting ability.”Tubeless” tires started to appear across the end of the 1950’s, as well as early ’60’s. Tubeless tires are a “generally” new innovation that gets rid of the requirement for internal tubes. Rather, you utilize particular wheel edges which can keep a water/air proof seal between the unique tubeless tire and the dot on the wheel.  Future” tires will be made up of microbes that convert sugar into an environmentally friendly rubber rather than petroleum or rubber trees. It is actually a plant byproduct and is called as “Green Tire”.   Tire technology has a long way to go, improvement in tires is like engine development, its targets evolve with time.

The main concerns for tires are:

  • Tire Noise
  • Reduction in rolling resistance
  • Increase traction co-efficient
  • Better wet grip etc.
  • Better cushioning
  • Reduce carbon consumption

When you are in a store for car accessories tubeless tires are the best preference.


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The tires of your car are an important part of your car. They’re the ones that enable your car to keep moving on the roads. Before going for car maintenance and repair you want to properly take care of your car tires.

The ways to make your car tires last longer:

Check your tire pressure

You can do this every month and inflate your tires according to your specific vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep in mind that you do not over-fill your tires as this can cause uneven wear on the tread and poor traction.

Rotate them regularly

Your tires should be rotated every 5,000 to 10,000 km respective of your driving habits whether or not you notice signs of wear and tear. Your front and rear tires do different jobs, so rotating them is necessary to even out wear and tear and to maximize tire life.

Avoid curbs on the roadside

Driving over a curb to get to the turning lane faster isn’t a good idea. Each time you hit the curb, your tires get damaged and increase your chances of causing fractures to the tire sidewalls. Be aware and avoid hitting curbs and use your mirrors to park carefully.

Be attentive towards road hazards

Driving too fast, braking too soon, and hitting speed bumps and potholes or driving on rough roads can have a damaging effect to both your tire sidewall and your tire pressure. Do your best to look ahead and look out for any road works so you can plan an alternate route. If you must drive over a pothole or speed bump, slow down as much as possible beforehand to minimize your risk of damage.

Regularly align them

Your suspension alignment should be checked every 5,000 to 10,000 km similar to tire rotation. A proper alignment will enable your tires to have the best possible contact with the road and won’t wander or pull to one side when steering. By the same token, misalignment could lead to increased fuel consumption, uneven tire wear and more dangerous consequences like difficulties maintaining control of the car. As a best practice, schedule to have your tires aligned every other oil change which is roughly every 6,000 km.

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