We all know how important it is to go to the doctors for a check up to make sure everything is running smoothly. Well, the same goes for our cars! When a car is designed, manufacturers set out a service schedule for the car, which they believe will keep it running reliably and safely. When you go for car maintenance and repair some essential point should have been in your mind .The basic services should include tyres check, filter change, oil check, cleaning of the interiors of the vehicle, checking whether the wiper blades need replacements or repair, tyre alignment and battery check. Ensuring that these functions will work well make sure that the car stays in great shape and condition.

A basic car servicing is a method of whole check-up of your car and its engine, such as tightening of  loose bolts, greasing the friction parts, the engine oil change, cleansing of filter nets, etc. When your car is under warranty, then the only thing you have to pay for is the oil changing of the engine. Rest all labour charges are neglected. Not everything is free when you are servicing under warranty. The painting cost, coating cost, denting, and replacing of repaired parts cost, etc are the paid features even under warranty period. These things vary from company to company and place to place.  One should take their vehicle to a car service provider for scheduled service regularly on time. This ensures the replacement of important parts and fluids that has to be replaced after a while in order to ensure smooth ride and also to detect if there is any faults in your vehicle or not at an early stage and to eradicate it properly on time before it turns out to be a huge problem, money wise and safety wise also.

Another thing to keep an eye on is your tyre tread depth, which should be at least 1.6mm. Anything below this is illegal and could endanger you safety, especially on a rainy season. The tread depth is important as it displaces water on the road. The larger the tread, the more water is displaced, making your car grip to the surface more efficiently.


Ensuring your brake pads are in the best working order possible is vital if you want to stay safe on the roads. Make sure you test them after going through heavy water. If the brakes aren’t as good as you think they should be, it might be time for a trip to the garage. If you think there could be a problem with your brakes, you’re better off paying for a professional check up rather than risk making a problem worse by attempting to fix something yourself.


The last thing you want is to have problems starting your car, so keeping an eye (or an ear) on your engine is vital. If the engine sounds like it’s struggling to start, then it might be time to visit a garage and carry out a battery test.

Engine coolant level

Experts suggest checking the level of coolant fluid at least once a week, ensuring it’s between the maximum and minimum indicators. If the coolant level drops suddenly in a significant amount then the vehicle to be taken to garage for check-ups.

Oil levels

Drivers should check the oil levels at least once a week to ensure their vehicle is in proper working order. This is similar to coolant in that you need to make sure your car is fully stocked with oil otherwise the engine won’t perform to its potential. The level should be between the minimum and maximum indicators to avoid damaging the engine. The other thing you want to know is about the car accessories.


If you are in going to a storefor buying car accessories, you need to focus on many aspects such as quality, market rate, its maintenance etc. But a car service provider can choose the right parts for your car and can make your life easier.


The first question occurs is what is towing. The basic meaning of towing is simply pulling. It is something that is used in a way by tying two objects together. Towing is most commonly used for vehicles, when the engine cannot be started. The need for towing occurs when a car, truck or any vehicle is damaged on the roadside or broken down. When you are going for a car maintenance and repair towing is also play a good role.

Towing Techniques

FLATBED TOWING – is the safest, most secure way to tow a car. Flatbed towing uses a special kind of truck with a flat bed behind it, and you simply have to drive your car up the ramp and secure it to the flatbed and you’re good to go. This means that your car’s four wheels are lifted off the ground, and flatbed towing is a really expensive way of towing a car (if you have a sports car, this is your best bet).

Hook & Chain Tow Truck

Traditionally the first choice for tow truck companies, the hook and chain tow truck has fallen out of favour somewhat, although many operators do still have a truck or two available. The hook and chain truck requires a hook to be attached to a vehicle – ordinarily at the front end – which is then hoisted off the ground. The vehicle is transported with just two wheels on the ground. The potential risk of damage to the vehicle means most drivers opt for another form of tow truck.

TWO WHEEL CAR TOWING uses a tow dolly (a short two-wheeled truck with ramps and slots for your car’s two wheels) to lift your car’s front wheels off the ground. Basically your car’s rear wheels are rolling down the highway along with the tow dolly.

FLAT TOWING – uses a tow bar, a tool that’s less expensive and a lot lighter weight-wise than other towing methods. It’s basically an adjustable steel bar that you attach on the rear of the coach vehicle and on the front of your towed vehicle so it could be dragged along with it. In this method, all four wheels of your towed vehicle are touching the ground and rolling down the highway along with your coach vehicle. After towing to a service center you can go to a store for car accessories and replace the damaged parts.  

There are a number of ways to tow a vehicle you can choose it according to the situations. Choosing the right one is varies with the land types. Tow straps can be a great method to get a vehicle pulled out of mud, snow, or sand, but not be good for driving on the road. Tow dollies are an inexpensive way to tow front wheel drive vehicles. If your tow rope is torn or frayed, it could break under high pressure when you begin pulling the broken down vehicle. Towing always depends upon some factors. Selection process plays a good role in it. 


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